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Routine Work,

Brakes, Tires, Oil Changes,

Seasonal Tune-ups


Partial and Full,

Paint, Upholstery,


Specialties include:

Alfa Romeo, Austin-Healey, Bentley, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lotus, Mercedes Benz, MG, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Triumph



A collection of cars we've renovated with passion



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Roy Stevenson has dedicated his life to the restoration and conservation of classic European automobiles, which culminated in founding Merlin Motorsports* in 2018.

A curiosity that started with rebuilding a VW engine at 16 grew into a 30-year career at 4 European car specialty shops and a Fiat dealership, where he learned from some of the best Fiat and British Leland-trained mechanics in the world.

While he drives a Land Rover most days, he off roads one as well. He is a member of the Vintage Racers Group (VRG), where he is "an avid vintage racer" in his '67 Fiat 850 Spider (see video, specifically around 14 minutes in).

Roy also hosts high school interns in his shop during the summer, teaching them the ins and outs of running a small business as well as sharing the joy being a mechanic.

* Roy chose the name Merlin as an homage to the early Rolls-Royce engine of the same name, one of the most successful aircraft engines of the World War II era.  That aside, some people choose to read it as a reference to the magic that Roy and his team work on classic automobiles.


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